No one can champion your case for wellness more than you. We can shout it from the rooftops every second; but until you put yourself and your mind in a place of awareness…we are shouting in vain.

You have to KNOW that your wellness journey is a personal one that is determined by the small everyday choices we make. It is about taking care of your self. Nurturing yourself. Loving yourself.

It goes beyond the physical and embraces emotional and mental wellbeing with respect to our daily lifestyle choices. Where we work, how we sleep, what we eat, the relationships that matter to us, what our hobbies are, our spending/saving culture, our family habits, etc

They all add up to the bigger picture.

We all desire to be happy. To live a life of optimal health and great wealth. How ready are we to embrace both? It is possible to live in BOTH health and wealth. however, most would rather chase after wealth at the expense of their health.

It starts with the seemingly small inconsequential daily choices we make. How Do you take care of your body? Your mind? Your spirit?

What books do you read? How you occupy your time is very vital to your sense of wellbeing. Learn to eradicate habits that are time wasting and time consuming yet add no value to your bottom line.

Determine your values and choices and opportunities…do they allign? If the opportunities available to you and the choices you make do not allign with your values, there is a gross disconnect. And you need to retrace your steps to that point where you can clearly define what values are most vital to you…and ensure your choices reflect that

How do you treat others? Most times, the way we treat others is a reflection of our mental state. Work on your mind…constantly strive to put yourself in a place of zen.

Carry your family along. Yes…wellness is a personal journey, no doubt. However, bad habits have a way of creeping up on you. A little bit of selfishness is what is called for here. Remove temptations…lol. It makes embarking on this journey a lot easier if you are surrounded by people who inspire you or are inspired by you. It keeps you focused and determined. At the same time, it helps your friends and loved ones too live healthier and happier lives. Its a win-win situation.

Children most especially need to be introduced to a positive lifestyle so it becomes less of a hassle for them the older they get. We have found that children who were taught the value of making positive lifestyle choices grow to be well grounded adults who are healthy in mind, spirit and body.

In essence…living in optimal wellness requires deliberateness. In knowledge and in application.  It is cheaper and less worrisome. It reduces the risks of life threatening illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure etc.

Living in wellness might not totally eradicate health challenge, but it will surely make tackling them a lot easier. It improves one’s quality of life.

You find that you are happier and actually look younger.

Immerse yourself. Its for your own good and that of your family.

May Wellness Fall On Us!

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About the author

Kris Ero

Professionally known as The Wellness Boss, Kris is a trained wellness coach focused primarily on promoting corporate wellness. She is also a Child and Family Wellness Advocate and has appeared on several radio and tv shows. As a wellness entrepreneur, she runs several wellness initiatives. In her spare time, she loves to catch up on her reading and tv shows. An avid foodie, she seeks healthier ways of enjoying what she loves.

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