WellBabyNG presents it’s 2nd Annual Wellness Festival for children and their families, tagged “The Wellbaby Wellness Train” – #TWWT2018. This festival will hold at the open grounds of CMD, Magodo, Lagos on Saturday 24th November 2018.

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About WellBabyNG

The WellBabyNG platform was created in 2016 by Kris Oziofu Ero to help parents and caregivers have access to resources that can boost wellness in themselves, their children and families in general..WellBabyNG has grown it’s platform to include offerings targetted specifically at creating experiential solution hubs for those seeking more information and online/offline support. From our weekly radio show, wellness publication, kids hub, and events such as TWWT, we remain committed to organizing wellness-centric programs and events that benefit children, their families and ultimately the society.

If you are looking for information on parenting, wellness tips, lifestyle facts, health options, nutrition tips and recipes, thematic news and events, then WellBabyNG has you covered.


About TWWT2018

The event is a full day wellness festival where each participant will have free unrestricted access to all segments tailored to boost their wellness. Children will get to learn about their health and tenets of wellness in a fun and creatively engaging environment. Parents will have the opportunity to interact with other parents. All participants will have access to relevant products and services at the wellness mart at affordable prices.

There will be free health screenings for those who not yet know their health statuses. There will be wellness demos that focus on hygiene, cooking and fitness, there will be masterclasses and conferences, a parents’ lounge for parents to chill and charge their devices, a wellness experience center to get the full gym, spa and consultation vibe, a creche for young children, a playground full of fun and games, as well as a nursing area for mothers.

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Kris Oziofu Ero: Founder, WellBabyNG and Convener #TWWT2018

This is the second edition and for those who attended the first edition, they will notice a huge difference with our second outing. We decided to focus more on children, because that is what we are about and also because a lot of time when it comes to wellness related events, children are often marginalised. This is our own way of saying to parents and caregivers..hey, come lets take the hassle off you, lets help you ensure your children and you are on the right path , while you are engaged in a fun and entertaining manner. It will be a full day well spent. Bonding with your children and other parents as well as having unrestricted access to the tools you will need to achieve your health and wellness goals. Even the sponsors and vendors will not be left out as there promises to be huge sales and business networking opportunities. It is a festival…so it will definitely be fun-packed.

… Kris Oziofu Ero, convener of #TWWT2018 and founder, WellBabyNG

In our mini-conference segment, we will have an array of qualified speakers who will break down varying thematic topics into simple terms as well as answer nagging questions that participants will have.

We realize that money is an integral aspect of family life; hence we will be having a financial masterclass for those who will need to boost their financial intelligence, learn about options when it comes to savings and investments as well as learn new ways to generate income.


  • nothing less than 1,500 participants in attendance
  • brands, companies whose business offerings are targetted at boosting health and wellness for children and their families to showcase their offerings
  • a buoyant wellness mart where participants can liaise directly with brands and shop for the products and services they need
  • a mobile ATM to ease traansactions
  • Security and Safety will be assured


If you have products or services that are tailored towards children and families and guaranteed to boost health and wellness…then this will be a great platform for you. Whether food, drinks, clothings, pharmaceuticals, sporting gear, finances, photography, media, etc..we have created packages to fit your unique needs.

Click HERE to register and book your space at the wellness mart or simply send an email to [email protected] for more information

Again attendance is FREE, however registration is required.

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