Employees routinely undergo stress in the workplace. Stress is not bad but a helpful emotion that is experienced by everybody although in different ways.

It is the emotion that tells your body it is time to react when faced with a particular situation. It sends signals to you to either fight, flee or just rest. However, due to certain factors, a lot of us ignore the stress warnings or react negatively to it.

In other words, its not stress that is the problem but our reactions or response to stress.

Nowhere is stress more common than in the workplace. Usually brought on by feelings of anxiety. So many things can lead to stress.

  • An unresolved personal issue
  • A dispute at work
  • Reduction in salary
  • Nonpayment of salary
  • A new boss
  • Ill-health
  • Fatigue
  • Overwork
  • Job insecurity

And so much more.

As earlier stated, stress can affect different people in different ways and is as a result of personalities and life’s experiences.


Workload leads in causes of workplace stress

Workplace stress is credited to being the major cause of low productivity, absenteeism, mental and physical health challenges. Organisations are being tasked now to focus more on their people.

In a country like Nigeria, where a lot of factors are yet to balance out especially the economic and job uncertainty, its rather a tough terrain for those who wish to imbibe workplace wellness.

How do you know if your workplace is experiencing stress? The destructive kind? Well, here are a few undisputed signs to guide you;

  1. Constant bickering
  2. Lack of team bonding
  3. High staff turnover
  4. Complaints and grievances about money
  5. Social isolation and withdrawal
  6. Increased absenteeism
  7. Reduced work performance
  8. Reduction in revenue
  9. Increased loss of clients

Once you notice these signs, then your employees are most probably stressed. Talk directly to the affected staff to gauge how they are managing at work. It is poor practice to ask their colleagues to find out whether they are suffering from workplace stress or another psychological issue.

If you are still unclear on how to identify these signs in your workplace, you can contact The Wellness Boss directly to ask for a stress assessment and help on how to manage workplace stress.

Your organisation stands a greater chance of mitigating the effects and boosting employee wellbeing when stress-related issues are detected early.

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Kris Ero

Professionally known as The Wellness Boss, Kris is a trained wellness coach focused primarily on promoting corporate wellness. She is also a Child and Family Wellness Advocate and has appeared on several radio and tv shows. As a wellness entrepreneur, she runs several wellness initiatives. In her spare time, she loves to catch up on her reading and tv shows. An avid foodie, she seeks healthier ways of enjoying what she loves.

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