Anyone with a BMI 25 and above needs this meal plan.

What is BMI? It is your body’s mass index that is used to gauge your weight status. It is calculated by using your weight and your height. A lot of factors come to play when determining the accuracy of your result.

However, it is still the best method to determine how healthy you are weight wise. World Health Organisation (WHO) stresses the need to constantly have our BMI checked.

For those who need reminding, being over-weight is a precursor to obesity and it is caused majorly by our lifestyle choices meaning what we eat and how sedentary a life we lead.

Contrary to popular opinion that exercising is the best tool to losing weight, research has shown that what you eat actually accounts for 80% of the work needed to lose wight.

In that same spirit; and also knowing that a lot of people especially in Nigeria need support when it comes to what to eat to achieve this, we have compiled a workable meal plan for you guaranteed to give you results in 2 weeks if adhered to strictly.

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  • You will have to abstain completely from sugar, alcohol and any soda drinks,
  • Ensure you eat dinner no later than 7pm
  • Run away from those late night snacking
  • Try to eat breakfast not earlier than 10am
  • Drink plenty of water and try to take lemon/lime infused water with your meals.
  • Avoid fried foods…substitute with boiling or grilling.
  • Snack only fruits, vegetables and nuts (nuts are healthy fats, but watch portions)
  • Limit your salt intake to the barest minimum
  • Dedicate a minimum of 15 mins daily to some form of physical activity especially walking.


SUNDAY pap with no more than 4 akara balls.

Beverage of choice should be coffee or tea with little milk and a spoon of pure honey/date syrup. No sugar

2 wraps Moin-moin, Coleslaw (combo of carrots, cabbage and beetroot) with smoked fish 1 serving spoon of Rice and vegetable sauce with kponmo and oven cooked chicken with a side of lettuce and cucumber
MONDAY 2 slices of toast bread, 1 or 2 boiled eggs. A cup of coffee or tea Eko with vegetables sauce and fish 1 boiled unripe plantain and veggies sauce with mackerel (titus fish)
TUESDAY half pack of medium sized noodles soup laden with mixed vegetables, 2 boiled egg, Rice and chicken/fish stew with coleslaw 1 slice of toast bread with fresh vegetable sauce
WEDNESDAY unsweetened oats with fruits (1 banana half an apple and dates), boiled egg, tea/coffee fresh oil-less okra cooked with fatless beef and smoked fish with one small mound (size of a medium onion) of plantain flour 2 boiled irish potatoes, stew, Chicken salad and fruits
THURSDAY 1 slice toast bread with unsweetened natural peanut butter, poached egg, coffee, tea vegetable sweet potato porridge without oil, 1 serving spoon of seafood fried rice with coleslaw, cucumber and lettuce
FRIDAY honey sweetened pap with no more than 3 akara balls moin-moin with smoked fish and salad  1 roasted plantain (boli) with peppered fish sauce and mixed vegetable salad
SATURDAY 2 serving spoons unripe vegetable plantain porridge without oil 1 serving spoon oilless rice and beans mix/porridge with vegetables and smoked/grilled fish chicken bitter-leaf soup with a small mound of amala

For weight-loss, we are huge fans of the potency of watermelons, cucumber and ginger. High water content, nutrient boosting power, very very low calories.

With a medium sized watermelon going for 600 naira, cucumber 100 naira and about 10 roots of ginger going for 50 naira; you can make a smoothie that can last you a whole week. Try to include them in every meal or as snacks.

Adhere to this meal plan for just 2 weeks and see the difference. You can shuttle the meals around the days and let us know how it turned out for you.

weightloss-meal plan-nigeria

Before you commence take note of your weight and track it for 2 weeks and take it again at the end of 2 weeks.

We cant wait to hear about your weightloss stories…


This is a generic weight-loss meal plan for individuals who have no underlying health condition. If you will love a specialised meal plan tailored to your condition, send an email to [email protected] with subject SPECIALISED MEAL PLAN

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