Kris Oziofu Ero

Is The WellnessJunkie!

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Kris Oziofu Ero: Wellness Coach and Facilitator

She is known for her passion for wellness not just for self but for others. A journey that began in 2015, she is a wellness enthusiast that has distinguished herself in the area of Child and Family Wellness.
This journey came about when she suffered a coma in 2013 due to a dangerously high blood pressure, leaving her with total Amnesia on waking up. A condition she had to live with for 2 years. Upon gaining her memory in 2015, she realized a need to spread this wellness message and a burning desire to see to it that less people succumb to lifestyle induced health conditions.
Watching how her children, husband and extended family members were affected by her illness, prompted her naturally to focus on children and families.
She is;
  • Founder of WellBabyNG
  • Host/Producer of The WellBaby Radio Show
  • Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of The Wellness Magazine
  • Convener of The WellBaby Wellness Train (TWWT)
  • Chief Facilitator at The Family Wellness Masterclass
  • Creative Director of the Kids@Art Craft Club
She is also a Wellness Coach and Facilitator under the name “The WellnessJunkie”, and has appeared countless times on TV and radio as a resource person. She has worked with families, children, individuals and corporate organisation to help them draw wellness plans and guide them towards actualization.
A public speaker and event host of repute; she has also been invited to facilitate at related events where she has addressed groups of men, women from different spheres of life as well as children.
A Geography Graduate from the Ahmadu Bello University, ABU, Zaria, Kris has more than 10 years working experience in the media corporate world in Brand Management, Corporate Communication and Marketing.
Now a Broadcast Journalist and magazine publisher; she was named one of 50 women in 2015 changing the face of Journalism in Nigeria because of her work on the radio show.
She also served as the host of A Woman’s World…a TV show from the stables of TVC Communications for 3 years from 2014 – 2017.
She also launched her Youtube channel in January of 2018.
A former model, amnesia survivor, media lover and practitioner, blogger, youtuber and confirmed foodie.
She loves driving, writing, reading, dabbling in healthy recipes, trying out new fitness routines.
Her style has been described as effortless, fun, approachable and honest.
Kris is happily married and lives/works in Lagos with her 3 children.
for her coaching services, to facilitate at your events, to host your event, to speak at your event or to simply ask wellness questions Send an email to The WellnessJunkie
She is available to travel.
Kris is SOCIAL!