A life of fitness is a healthy life. Everyday we are inundated with nonsense advice and tips on how to be healthy from various diets, slimming supplements to numerous activities. These are a dime a dozen. And most often are very counter-productive. Sometimes the effects are immediate; other times it might take some time before you begin to feel them.

However, in seeking a fit life, a lot of us fall victims to ill thought out techniques and do not pay attention to the very vital details. As with anything in life, to do something and do it right requires following a predetermined set of rules that will guide you to y .ur outcome with little or no side effects.

Here are very simple rules you must incorporate if you want your fitness routines to work for you.

1. Drink lots of water: in staying fit; water is your closest ally. Insufficient water causes your body to suffer low periods of homeostatis and your body loses its ability to stay cool. You then suffer from dehydration, energy loss and even muscle cramps. It is advised that you take in water before, during and after every workout session. The higher the intensity of your routine and the temperature; the more frequent your water intake should be.



2. Always remember to warm-up: if you are a football watcher, you would have observed that the players often warmup at least a few minutes before their match? This is very essential to preventing injury-strangely. They prepare your body for what it is about to go through by loosening joints and gradually increasing heart rate. A 10 – 20 minutes warm-up before you ease into your fitness workout will do wonders, especially if you aim for dynamic routines such as stretches and switching it up to involve actively the muscle groups that will be used during your workout session.



3. Do not neglect your cardio: cardio helps to boost your heart rate; which improves heart rate, bone density and better performing lungs. All vital indicators for a life of fitness. Healthy adults should strive for 150 minutes of moderate activity and 75 minutes of vigorous activity weekly.




4. Be a weightlifter: light weights are good until you can progressively go higher. Lifting weights are great for slimming down contrary to popular opinion, because it speeds up the burning of calories while helping build muscle mass. When you lift weights, you stress your muscles and breaks down tissue…boosting metabolism. It also works wonders for strengthening your bone density, protecting bone health and reversing bone loss.



5. Add some excitement: Incorporating a fitness lifestyle needs freshness and ingenuity for longer lasting effects. Do not just follow same old routine every time. Switch things up regularly. Boost your workouts with some excitement. Incorporate some changes to prevent you getting bored. For instance; instead of a walk or jog, why not a dance? Instead of a few minutes at the gym why not a few minutes swimming? Doing the same routine every time the same way actually will make your body, joints and muscles too comfortable and you stop seeing results.


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6. Incorporate a protein rich diet: Protein is a building block for our muscles. It is very vital that you make a diet filled with protein your priority if you desire a fit life. Meat, fish and beans are just some of the options you can utilize.


7. It is okay to rest: Listen to your body and rest when it cries out for it. Pushing your body beyond what it is ready for can cause grievous harm to your body. Rest is most important; at least a day a week or more if you are a newbie. Muscle fibres get torn during workouts; these days of rest are essential to let them rebuild properly.


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8. Post work-out stretches are bae: Just as with a warmup; post workout stretches are a must as they help to reset your body after a vigorus work-out which has shortened your muscles. These stretches can help bboost your mobility. Aim for at last 20 – 30 mins to cool down

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9. Avoid an empty stomach: Ensure you eat before and after you start a work-out session. Ideally, you’ll eat one to two hours before a workout, but if you work out first thing in the morning, grab at least a glass of juice first. Don’t work out on an empty stomach. Afterward, refuel quickly. “Research suggests there is a 30-minute window post-workout when you want to consume a certain amount of carbohydrates and protein to fuel muscle growth. Have a snack, and then within an hour or two, a larger meal.


10. Monitor your progress: you need to know what you have done and how well you are doing. This will help keep you motivated on those days you feel like giving up as well as helps you celebrate your successes.


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