Weight loss is one aspect of wellness that has its own share of governing beliefs of which most are mere myths.

A myth is a belief that is mostly unfounded and is either partly true or not true at all.

Due to the far reaching effects of any measure that affects one’s health, it is very necessary for us to sift the shaft from the wheat, figuratively speaking.

So, in this article, we will be debunking the very common weightloss myths

EXERCISE IS ALL YOU NEED: this is absolutely not true according to researchers who have shown that physical exercise bears no singular effect on weight loss. Did you know that some exercises boost muscle mass that weighs more than fat? The only time exercise is effective in losing weight is when your diet is reflective of your weight loss goal.

JUMP ON ANY FAD DIET WAGON: the problem with fad diets is that they work on the assumption that one size fits all and mostly involve cutting off a type of food totally from your diet. Considering the fact that everyone’s body mechanism is different…this is a very dangerous approach. What this causes is that the dieters tend to get easily dissatisfied with the fad and often fall off the wagon causing them to go back to their old ways. The focus should be on a healthy change of lifestyle. A red flag is when your nutritionist or diet coach doesn’t take into consideration your uniqueness.

EATING HEALTHY IS EXPENSIVE: this is not true. Actually, unhealthy eating is the expensive culprit. Eating healthy mostly involves what you already eat, the problem is how and when you eat them. You do not have to go for exotic vegetables. The aboki along the road sells lettuce, cabbage, carrots etc at an average cost of 50 naira. A mound of sweet potatoes go for 250 naira, titus fish is gotten for 800-900 naira a kilo, smoked catfish of 4 pieces go for 150 naira. Fruits are also around the same.

MAINTAINING A STABLE DIET AND FITNESS ROUTINE: this is another untruth which does not take into account the passage of time. The older you get the lower your metabolism. It is vital you switch up your routine to match your current status. At 40 your routine should be different from when you were 20 years old

CARBOHYDRATES ARE FATTENING: this theory has been debunked so many times it is appalling that people are still easily misled. The truth actually is that refined carbohydrates, such as sugar and refined grains, are associated with weight gain. However, carbohydrates are your body’s main source of fuel. Your body breaks down its sugars and starches and absorbs them into your bloodstream. At this point, they become glucose, or blood sugar, which your body needs to have the energy to do everything from breathing to weight training. So, the next time you are worried about your carb intake…work on reducing your portions and not eradicating it totally from your diet.

FATS ARE FATTENING: Fats are a source of energy and our body uses the fat we eat, and fats we make from other nutrients in our bodies, to provide the energy for most of our life-functions.  While the extra calories that we consume, but do not need to use immediately, are stored for future use in special fat cells. This is the fat that is actually broken down during fitness training, without which the body reverts to breaking down your proteins and muscles. The benefits of eating fat can not be denied, however a word of caution. Focus on the healthy fats and reduce to the barest minimum the trans-fats that have no known benefits.

LEAVE THE CHILDREN OUT OF IT: infact, the earlier you start off children with a fitness and healthy eating routine, the better. Inspite of the seeming cuteness, it is actually not healthy for children to be overweight, as that put them at risk of becoming obese adults.

YOU MUST LOSE WEIGHT TO BE HEALTHY: not exactly. Some people really have no business losing weight. Moreover, weight loss is just an aspect of what it takes to be healthy. Sometimes, what you need is just to tone your muscles. Losing weight for the sake of it can become a disorder.

RUN AWAY FROM FOODS YOU LIKE: the irony with this myth is that…in the end people keep running back to “cheat” with their favorite food. It is easier to lose weight when your diet is not restricted. Eat what you love, but at the same time watch how you eat it.

Bottom line is that when it comes to losing weight the focus should be on a lifestyle shift. Work on your mind to make the process easier and more natural, then watch the weight come off.

About the author

Kris Ero

Professionally known as The Wellness Boss, Kris is a trained wellness coach focused primarily on promoting corporate wellness. She is also a Child and Family Wellness Advocate and has appeared on several radio and tv shows. As a wellness entrepreneur, she runs several wellness initiatives. In her spare time, she loves to catch up on her reading and tv shows. An avid foodie, she seeks healthier ways of enjoying what she loves.

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