Clutter-free people have mastered the art of either reducing messiness to the barest minimum or getting rid of it altogether. This is a result choices they have turned into their lifestlyle. There are numerous benefits that come with living a clutter-free life which can be evidenced at work, home and play; and all these add up to boost one’s wellness.

So, if you are overwhelmed by the level of clutter in your homes, at work or in your mind (yes, that is possible); help is on the way. We have compiled for you a list of what successful clutter-free people do. Are you ready to learn from the best?

  1. MAKE YOUR BED: Which should be every morning when you wake up. In tidying your room, it is always advised to make your bed first. There is something calming and orderly about making your bed once you get up, research has shown. You start off your day on a good note. So, while you are making your bed, encourage your children to make theirs as well…it will help instill in them good values as well as help them live a life of no stress        
  2. DONT LEAVE OUT YOUR WARDROBE: there is a reason for wardrobes or closets…and that is to keep clothes. A lot of us have our clothes strewn on our beds, chairs and even on the floor. Use your wardrobes, arrange your clothes in a system that works well for you. Some people use the color system other use cloth types. Hang up your clothes, keep them ironed and fold appropriately. If you are finding this difficult…read about the 60 seconds or 1 minute rule.
  3. KEEP YOUR KITCHEN ORGANISED: arrange your utensils and condiments in an orderly manner. It will give you peace of mind and make you enjoy the art of cooking better. Do not pile up dishes in the sink. Empty your fridge and cabinets and dispose of what you have not used. Arrange your containers in a manner that is appealing. Storing your food in clear, transparent containers helps to see what is inside and to know when something is gone bad and is no longer useful.
  4. CREATE AN OFFICE SPACE IN YOUR HOME: there is the tendency to throw books, receipts and other bits and pieces around the house, which makes for an untidy outlook as well as difficulty in locating those very important documents. It does not have to be a large space; just a corner in your house with drawers or other storage spaces dedicated solely for this cause. invest in folders and files and label appropriately. Nothing like knowing where the receipt from months ago is actually kept. Even if you have an actual office; the same rules apply whether at home or not 
  5. DISPOSE OF JUNK: junk piles up when people keep holding onto old things they do not use or have not used in a long time. this is easier when you apply the 6 months rule. This rule says that you do an audit of your space every 6 months, throw away or give out stuff you havent used in at least 6 months. Doing, this religiously, you find that you consistently have less clutter to worry about
  6. EMPLOY THE 60-SECOND RULE: this is so amazingly simple, you wonder why you have not been doing it. If you take out just a minute to trash that piece of paper, hang up your towel, place your dirty laundry in your laundry bag, wash that plate, clean up immediately after cooking…you give yourself more time to appreciate your space and achieve more with so much less of the clutter.
  7. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR OUT: for a lot of us, cars have become the place where a lot of time is spent, especially with long hours in traffic and hence have become clutter prone. There is that tendency to snack and litter the car with clothes, food wrappers, shoes, etc. A clean and properly kept car, does not only ensure the longevity of the car, it also makes you and your passengers feel a lot better for just riding in it 
  8. SCHEDULE YOUR TIME: this sounds like a broken record, but it is true. When you plan your time, leaving room for you to unwind ad relax, you are in a much better place to be useful to yourself and others. Learn to say no, when you need to. Do not cram your hours with too many activities. Get yourself a good appointment book or a Personal Assistant to help you out.

Remember; clutter-free means a breathe of fresh air, stress reducing, time saving, money saving and money making environment both in your physical and mental space.


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Kris Ero

Professionally known as The Wellness Boss, Kris is a trained wellness coach focused primarily on promoting corporate wellness. She is also a Child and Family Wellness Advocate and has appeared on several radio and tv shows. As a wellness entrepreneur, she runs several wellness initiatives. In her spare time, she loves to catch up on her reading and tv shows. An avid foodie, she seeks healthier ways of enjoying what she loves.

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