The brain is the most important part of our anatomy and no better time to start stimulating it than during childhood, or even right from the womb. In the early stages of brain development, connections between brain cells are formed and are stimulated by light, sound, color and smell. Naturally, the more connections, the faster and easier the brain can process information which has a huge impact on a child’s subsequent IQ.

A child’s brain is very active, constantly in the process of developing and adapting, it makes much sense that this is the best time to ensure that the brain is exposed to a lot of the stimuli mentioned above. Make out time to find highly creative and exciting new ways to stimulate your little one’s brain. And, no. It does not have to break the bank.

Here is a list of ways you can get your child’s brain stimulated from the womb;

First of all, healthy food:
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The moment pregnancy is detected, it is vital that the expectant mother begins to eat more of the healthy stuff, such as fruits, vegetables, lean meat, healthy fats and water. This should continue even after they have been born. As soon as your child is cleared for eating solids, introduce a healthy diet into their meals. At fist your child might kick against eating veggies; but do not give in to the temptation to letting him have his way. Instead find creative ways of including these important greens in his meals. Ultimately, your child’s brain will thank you for it. The vitamins and nutrients found in vegetables and fruits play a vital role in the healthy development of a child’s brain and body.

Music and Books:

Beyond stimulating their senses, it also gives them an escape into a world of imaginations where their creativity soars. It is always advised that babies listen to music or the sound of a reading voice as it boosts their brain cells. This should not end the moment they are born. Children should be made to appreciate the arts. It often excites them and causes them to be more explorative. While singing or music entertains them, what reading does is boost their linguistic prowess, their attention span, discipline  as well as prepares them for a life of academic achievements.

Physical Exercise:

You can never go wrong with physical exercise. Asides the fact that it prevents obesity it actually does wonders for the brain. It helps in the oxygenation of the brain which is vital for the development of brain cells. These exercises could be as simple as riding a bike, running around the house or neighborhood park or even walking. Some children are introduced to swimming early on. Dancing is also a good form of exercise.

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Here are some amazing physical exercises to boost brain power


Take your child out on explorative outings. Infact, with a child, any outing is a learning opportunity. Show him sight and sounds. Tickle his curiosity and be ready to answer his questions on nature, science and how things work. Dont just spend the driving round town without your child learning something new. Also encourage your child to embark on group excursions with friends and schoolmates.

Converse Adult’ly’:

talk with your child in an adult manner respecting their age

This might be a tough pill for some to swallow, but this is very important. How you talk to your child determines how his thought processes work. Try to use complicated terms and languages. Refuse to settle for mundane speech. Your child is growing by the minute at a speed faster than you would imagine. The more complicated words you use, the more he learns about this words and the stronger his vocabulary and cognitive skills develop

Do not isolate your child:

humans are social beings, the interactions make us thrive. The earlier you allow your child into social circles the easier it is for your child to learn how to interact with people. These social skills will go a long way in helping him develop character as it exposes him to situations where he will have to apply empathy, compassion and respect. Tese social circles or activities could be birthday parties, sunday school, etc.

Play time:

This is very key. Countries such as Finland have incorporated longer hours of play into their curriculum as they have discovered it makes them better students. Allow them break from their school work to play. In the sand, with toys with their peers…and under adult supervision. role plays, etc these activities allow your child to think and discover new ideas and places while stimulating their senses at the same time

Let them take up a Hobby, please:

A hobby is something they love doing and have a bit of proficiency in. Allow them their hobbies, encourage them as much as you can. Open up their minds to take on new hobbies which could be farming, dancing, singing, karate, painting, football, cooking or even swimming. Hobbies boost concentration, memory, behaviour and even academic excellence.

Do not leave out Discipline:

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This brings balance to the whole equation and teaches your child the power of consequence. In as much as we need them to play and explore and be creative, it should not be an excuse to condone bad behavior. Discipline when done in love teaches them boundaries and control that will go a long way in helping them in future.

Sleep is essential:

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To get the required amount of rest, Your children need adequate sleep. This boosts memory enhancement, better performance in subjects like math and arts. Sleepless nights may result in tiredness and lethargy and slow thought processes.


Beyond boosting your child’s brain power, by applying these tips, you will also be helping your child develop a habit of healthy and positive lifestyle choices that will do wonders for his overall wellness.


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